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A Note for Discerning Shoppers

To be candid – I’ve been obsessing on this system for about 8 years.  I’ve thought through every aspect – the pros & cons – how to make it easy to use – how to make it quiet.  And like any engineer/artist, I am my own worst critic.  But I am now convinced that this system is easily the best on the market – the highest quality, the best thought-out, the most carefully crafted.  No question.

Additionally, many of the features simply aren’t available in any other system.  For example:

  • The system allows the user to specify the exact desired target temperature.  Set & forget. There is no need to adjust a knob if the room is a little colder than usual.  It uses a “PID” temperature control system similar to that used in industrial processes – much more sophisticated than a simple thermostat which has inherent fluctuations.
  • The system allows for flow rate adjustment during therapies without any disturbance to the upper bowl (no fussing with a valve that is attached to the upper bowl, or worse yet, hidden under the lower bowl)
  • Ability to adjust lower bowl height to minimize “oil drop” from the client’s head to the collection bowl.
  • Anti-pendulum system: the upper bowl can be moved freely, but will not “swing” by itself.  When you are ready to let go, it will stay where you leave it!
  • Safe. Safe. Safe.  The system has redundant temperature limiting systems.

I hope this helps you in your search for your next Shirodhara System.
-Rick Sanger, April 2015

…we made the horrible and costly mistake of NOT buying a ShiroBliss, hoping to save on the marginal price difference of a different brand. After two months of trying to get it to work (and a replacement) we decided to try a ShiroBliss System. I figured out the ShiroBliss in about 5 minutes (on the first try) and its been working flawlessly ever since. Now I see that the other system is an unintelligent imitation resulting in an oily mess of design flaws. Worse yet, the company would not give us a return OR a refund.  Hindsight is clear: ShiroBliss should’ve have been our first and only choice. D. Vora, Business Manager

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The ShiroBliss has a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.  That being said, I am dedicated to you loving this system.  Let me know if there is a problem, and lets work together to fix it. I don’t want to leave you high and dry!  Also, I have yet to receive a system back that has broken from too much use.  I expect someday I’ll hear about a pump burning out… but it hasn’t happened yet!  7 years and counting…

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