ShiroPillow Testimonials

“The ShiroPillow is a blessing!  It has made giving shirodhara on a massage table so joyous and easy! It is an investment I am ever so grateful for every time I think about how complicated shirodharas on a massage table were before this!”  -Aruna Deva


“We also purchased one of your head rests and used it at an Ayurvedic Retreat. Automatic Shirodara SystemWe used 1/2 gallon less oil than last year!  With the pillow, we use less oil and our clients were much more comfortable. It’s amazing – it makes such a big difference!  There’s no mess, we were able to positions our client’s hair easily and there were no oil spills on the floor. Thank you!” – Kim Keiler, Life Elements Yoga and Ayurveda,  Stevensville MD


An ancient therapy meets modern engineering