I’ve been working in the Ayurvedic field for over 7 years.  Words can’t express how deeply I love this ancient Science. It is a spiritual journey of growth and development for me to continue to work in this field. I believe that to facilitate healing in others, we must continue to grow and heal ourselves.  In working with Ayurveda consistently, those two things are inevitable – growth and development. It is my business and profession, yes. But more than that, it is my passion. I’m learning every day – whether it’s about herbs, people, the nature of life or myself.  But I’m not writing this to talk about myself.  I’m writing to talk about the ShiroBliss.

I bought a ShiroBliss about 3 years ago, when I opened my private Ayurvedic practice.  I was absolutely blown away by the artistry and attention to detail that it exhibited. Not only was the ShiroBliss very easy to use; it’s so beautiful that clients ask me about it when they visit my office, which makes it easier to talk about Shirodara.

Even though my car is small, there’s plenty of room for the ShiroBliss

Twice a month I drive to San Francisco to administer Ayurvedic body therapies at an Integrative Medicine Clinic.  So, twice a month I remove the upper armature of the ShiroBliss, tuck the tubing and power cord into their compartment and close the cover panel, cover it with a large plastic bag (to protect the seat from oil), place it in my car and strap a seatbelt around it for the ride.  It only weighs 28 pounds and it rolls on casters – so getting it to my car and loading it is really easy.  Unloading it and setting it up when I arrive takes about 5 minutes.  The whole process is seamless. I’m particularly grateful for that, considering that Shirodara is the therapy I administer most frequently. I keep telling the creator, Rick Sanger, that if he creates a battery powered ShiroBliss he’ll likely find me backpacking it up a mountainside to administer perfect Shirodara at one retreat or another in purely nature-based settings. This thing can go anywhere, so might as well have some fun with it!

Oh – here’s a little Shirodara-on-the-go side tip.  I put the bottles of Shirodara oil (Banyan Botanicals Shirodara blend is my main oil of choice) along with whatever other things I need to perform therapies into one of these portable crates.  I got mine at Staples.  When you’re not using them, they break down and fold flat for easy storage… when you’re using them for travel and transport of tools (sheets, oils etc…) they’re wonderful!  They roll on wheels and have a retractable handle that makes it all a breeze.

I’ve always felt that the lightness, mobility and ease-of-transport that characterizes the ShiroBliss is underrated and bears mention. I know that the network of practitioners that I connect with over all-things-Ayurveda are often on the move, so this is an important feature to know about if you’re in the process of deciding which equipment to purchase. Some of practitioners I know (myself included) administer Pancha Karma in the comfort of their client’s home. Some work at multiple clinics. Most of them are on the go at one point or another as they seek to meet the needs of their clientele and be flexible.  It’s important to have equipment that is easy to travel with and solid enough to withstand the movement. The ShiroBliss is both!

About a 1 1/2 years after I bought the ShiroBliss I bumped into the creator, Rick Sanger and his wife Suzanne, who is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner, at the local food Coop.  That encounter launched a series of conversations that led me to join the ShiroBliss team as a consultant and customer liaison. Not only do I respect and appreciate the ShiroBliss group — but I feel completely qualified and honored to discuss the ShiroBliss as one of their representatives.  I’m not only the ideal customer for the product — but I continue to be an actual user of it in an active Ayurvedic practice and can talk about every aspect of the ShiroBliss and Shirodara with years of first-hand experience. I’ve worked with a number of Shirodara systems – both automatic and manual.  Nothing comes close to the durability, craftsmanship, mobility, accuracy and ease-of-use that the ShiroBliss provides.  The ongoing customer support and commitment to clientele that the ShiroBliss team provides is unique too.  They’ve been around since 2007 and will be around for a long time to come. Thank goodness!

I’m just one of many people who can speak to the quality of the ShiroBliss.  Maybe you’ll become one too. It’s been my pleasure to share my experience. Namaste!

-Valerie Goulding




  • Wow! LOVE the practical tips you share here. I’m mobile with my practice too and can’t tell you how much I appreciate knowing the ins and outs of taking the ShiroBliss on the road. The crate on wheels is a bonus. Namaste.

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