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ShiroBliss Features

  • The ShiroBliss operates silently, allowing the client to receive treatment without distractionShiroBliss Automatic Shirodhara Equipment Bliss
  • Automatic Temperature Control: ShiroBliss uses a sophisticated ShiroBliss Automatic Shirodhara Equipmenttemperature control system that holds the desired temperature to within a few degrees without therapist intervention.  The system accommodates different room temperatures, or sudden changes like the addition of cold oil. Systems without temperature control can get dangerously hot if not monitored continuously.
  • Digital Temperature Readout: Easy to read in the darkShiroBliss Automatic Shirodhara Equipment
  • Simple Controls: One switch for the heater, one for the pump. Two buttons raise or lower the temperature. The ShiroBliss brings oil to temperature in approximately twelve (12) minutes ShiroBliss Automatic Shirodhara Equipment
  • Mobile: Rolls on casters. Breaks down. Elements store inside control compartment for easy transport ShiroBliss Automatic Shirodhara Equipment
  • Green: Made of sustainably harvested domestic and rehabilitated wood, and copper, stainless steel or nickle-plated copperShiroBliss Automatic Shirodhara Equipment
  • Fully Adjustable Height: Both legs and upper armature adjust, allowing you to achieve the machine’s perfect height at the table, and the perfect distance between the Shirodhara bowl and the client’s browShiroBliss Automatic Shirodhara Equipment
  • Basti bag Suspension: the upper armature allows for the suspension of an enema bag or bucket for easy administration of enema bastis.Automatic Shirodhara Machine and Equipment
 Additional Features:
  • The thickness of the oil stream can be adjusted  ShiroBliss Automatic Shirodhara Equipment
  • Safe: Uses redundant over-temperature shut-offs.
  • Easy to clean: Keeping your ShiroBliss unit clean is quick and simple!
  • Minimal oil use: The unit runs on approximately 2.25 cups of oil. Upper and lower bowls drain well – no undrainable lips or pocket
  • Versatile: Works with any size massage table or droni
  • 1 year warranty

ShiroBliss is My Co-Pilot… on the road with Shirodara.

I’ve been working in the Ayurvedic field for over 7 years.  Words can’t express how deeply I love this ancient Science. It is a spiritual journey of growth and development for me to continue to work in this field. I believe that to facilitate healing in others, we must continue to grow and heal ourselves.  In working with Ayurveda consistently, those two things are inevitable – growth and development. It is my business and profession, yes. But more than that, it is my passion. I’m learning every day – whether it’s about herbs, people, the nature of life or myself.  But I’m not writing this to talk about myself.  I’m writing to talk about the ShiroBliss.

I bought a ShiroBliss about 3 years ago, when I opened my private Ayurvedic practice.  I was absolutely blown away by the artistry and attention to detail that it exhibited. Not only was the ShiroBliss very easy to use; it’s so beautiful that clients ask me about it when they visit my office, which makes it easier to talk about Shirodara.

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A Story of Grace

-by Rick Sanger, owner of ShiroBliss LLC
“Problems are opportunities,” they say.  Perhaps it is true, because the “opportunities” for learning presented by developing the ShiroBliss machine have led me deeper into my own community –  and to meeting people who have been real gifts in my life.   So when I found out that Dave had cancer, it really saddened my heart. Continue reading A Story of Grace

What is Shirodhara?

Shirodhara is an ancient Ayurvedic Medicinal Treatment that involves streaming liquid over the forehead while the patient lies supine on a table. It has undoubtedly become the most popular Ayurvedic treatment in the west, and has been practiced in India for millenia to treat a wide range of conditions. Today, in addition to Ayurvedic clinics, many luxury and specialty spas offer Shirodhara. Continue reading What is Shirodhara?