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    ShiroBliss: The Shirodhara System of Choice
    for Spas, Clinics and Home Use

    Easeful, Elegant, Effective.

    • Warms and keeps oil at desired temperature
    • Feather-quiet oil circulation
    • “Smart” temperature control
    • Simple setup and cleanup
    • Adjustable Height
    • Minimizes oil use (approx. 2.5-3 cups per treatment)
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“I love how compact the unit is and how little oil it uses, and how easily the cleanup is. There is so much more freedom to focus on the client when we don’t have to worry about the temperature!” Jennifer, Spa Director at the Chopra Center

“We LOVE our ShiroBliss! So much easier to use than anything else. Thanks guys and gals!” Michelle Magid, Ahara Rasa

“The ShiroBliss has completely changed the way we do shirodhara in our spa.  We have four machines and they are being used nearly continuously every day.” Clinton H., Miraval Resort, AZ

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An ancient therapy meets modern engineering